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Sound horoscope

Each soul has its own frequency and the body is the instrument. If an instrument produces discords, we can (re)tune it. Nothing else happens when you feel your original soul frequency of your birth horoscope with the sound.


"Out of tuning, into tuning." To feel one's own cosmic frequency with the Klangei is a unique experience. 

Symphony of the Soul® stands for a new approach to horoscope setting that the world has never heard before.

Your individual horoscope (Radix = birth horoscope, Solar = annual horoscope) forms the basis of the setting, taking into account your personal sign of the zodiac, the ascendant and your planet in the corresponding houses, in short: your QUALITY of Time. Also for special occasions like your company foundation, congress or practice opening, as an exclusive gift or also as a partner horoscope (e.g. wedding) a soundtrack is almost perfect.

Whats your sound?

Imagine listening to your original sound, your own melody. The sound of the planets at your time of birth or the sound for your current year. Enjoy your sound with the Klangei and absorb it in the truest sense of the word. 

The Klangei transmits your vibration to and within you.
It is a special experience to experience your sound in the bathtub under water. Simply place the Klangei at the edge of your bathtub, on your bed, wherever you like and enjoy the vibrating music effect.

Order your personal sound horoscope

Please choose your variant:

Annual horoscope - annual horoscope soundtrack (solar - i.e. from current birthday to next year's birthday) on SD card without sound

Birth chart - Birth chart on SD card without Klangei
JH with Klangei 39 KW = annual horoscope (solar) with Klangei incl. all sound worlds on SD card.
GH with Klangei 39 KW = Birth chart with Klangei incl. all sound worlds on SD card.


Please write and in the field: "Message to the seller" your birthday, the exact time and place of birth. Look forward now to feeling the harmony with your soul frequency.

And here are some suggestions for "possible applications" of individual horoscope scoring:

For everyone: A conscious path inwards into one's own centre, to resonate with the melody of one's own life and not with the external confusion of melodies, tones and vibrations of all kinds.

Helpful: Follow the lively track of your own life path, activate the "inner healer" and your own self-healing powers.

Parents for children: gentle help to fall asleep, lively support of concentration and individuality, training of (inner) perception.


Immerse yourself in the wonderfully vibrant world of Symphonie der Seele®, into our midst, where balance, peace of mind and well-being are at home. Activate your self-healing powers and your inner healer.

Symphony of the Soul® is another milestone to perceive, understand and enjoy us as holistic beings. Or: Peace with ourselves, closing events of our past, dissolving moods and immersing ourselves in the true flow of our lives.


 "True peace you find only in yourself in harmony with the whole universe, for you are not separate, but a part of the whole, YOU ARE A COSMIC HUMAN!

And the universe speaks to the searching soul:

"Everything is in everything and everything is in you, for you are stardust that reveals itself in the time of your life as a human being. I am you and you are me, we are one". Thomas Künne

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