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eyvosense affiliate or partner program

We look forward to working with you to spread even more circles of good vibes.
You have 2 options: Our affiliate / referral program or as a reseller / partner.

Please only take part in the affiliate program if you can heartily recommend eyvosense.
Everything else doesn't make sense and we are convinced that you can feel the vibes.

For many, the affiliate program is the first step. We are always happy when we are allowed to pay out the commissions, because that means the good vibes tribe is getting bigger and a real recommendation from the heart, so much more valuable than, for example, Google Adds.

You only need to register and not buy any eyvos. You can earn money without start-up capital or cash out in goods.
As soon as you have registered, you will receive your personal referral link that you can share anywhere on social media and beyond. We have also prepared many options for you to recommend. Of course, you don't earn as much with it as partners, but you can test ideally and this may make it easier to get started with the eyvo partner program.

You can register for the affiliate program immediately on the left and request information for partners using the form on the right.

Request information for eyvo partners

Just fill out this form. You will then immediately receive an email with further information for the eyvosense partner program for  Resellers. Of course this is not binding. It should give you an overview of the possibilities and a good basis for decision-making. 

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