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eyvo partners


You can hear and feel eyvo live at our resellers. They all offer competent advice and of course you can buy your eyvo Klangei from them. Please do not understand these buttons as "ranking" or rating. Each of our partners is equal! It helps you to quickly see who is offering what. For example, to quickly find partners who offer courses.


We look forward to welcoming you as an eyvosense partner. If you want to have more information about our ideas for partners, simply fill out the form below. You will then immediately receive all information for resellers.


We also offer an affiliate (referral program). You can easily register here directly or scroll down and request further information.




All partners who have this symbol in their logo offer courses or training on the subject of perceptible sound with the eyvo Klangei.

evosense_grafik klein.jpg

Silver partner

Usually combine the sale of eyvo with their other professional activities. Some also used eyvo to return to work, e.g. after a baby break.

evosense_grafik klein.jpg

Gold partner

Their subject areas for using eyvo are varied. Some offer eyvo in their physical shop, others in their seminars, still others in their practice as a masseuse ...

evosense_grafik klein.jpg

Platinum partner

They are professionals when it comes to the application of eyvo and spread good vibes with eyvo in a wide area. With them you can assume that they always have eyvos in stock.

evosense_grafik klein.jpg

Diamond partner

We are allowed to thank them with a  very special award, because their focus is entirely with eyvo and you they also find completely new application examples. Some also offer diploma courses on the subject of sound. They have also created their own online academies for the application of perceptible sound.

Partner Infos
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