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for you & your ideas

by Yvonne van Dyck

MENTAL TRAVELS by Yvonne van Dyck

by Yvonne van Dyck  for your sound egg.
Yvonne calls herself an IdeRealist. Ideas are the core of our reality and all potential is contained in a core. She loves to prepare the nourishing environment for ideas so that you can develop your full potential. All
  Her trances draw circles around the subject of individual development and the development of ideas. Yvonne and Andy Eicher got to know each other through the admission of Core Connection and the active ones, that they then founded vibrating music, which they could not have dreamed of.  
4 CDs on an SD card: 
1. Core Connection - This trance is very intense and is used to give yourself answers to questions and answers from your highest self. 
2. The active seeds - affirmations for a successful and fulfilled life 
3. I am Eye - A journey to your core to unleash your core potential
4. Planting visions in the earth - a live recording of a trance in the Berchtesgaden salt healing tunnel

Audio samples

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